Intersex is Not to be Confused with Trans.Edit

Intersex refers to a number of birth conditions in which gender variance can occur. This might include physical variance in gender characteristics, chromosomal differences or other situations, in such conditions as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Klinefelter's Syndrome and many more. As we learn more about possible biological origins of transsexuality, it may be possible that trans is a smaller part of Intersex phenomena (and not the other way around), but it should be understood that not everyone who is Intersex is transgender. Some of that may depend on if a surgical assignation of gender occurred at birth, and / or whether the gender one lives or was assigned to is consistent with their identity. is not equipped to be an authority on intersex issues, and recommends the following resources for more information:

However, we do advocate...Edit

... that the practice of assigning gender to intersex infants at birth urgently needs to cease, because of the life-long damage that it causes for those intersex children who become assigned to a gender that they later do not identify with.

... that intersex children should have a right to choose their gender and expression, and that choice may sometimes be somewhere in between expectations of "male" and "female" if that is where they understand that they belong.

... that intersex people, like transgender people, deserve respect and understanding, and all the rights ascribed to anyone else.

... that intersex people who are assigned to a gender to which they do not identify should have the right to correct this through gender reassignment, hormones or other corrective treatments if desired (again remembering that their aim may sometimes be somewhere in between expectations of "male" and "female" if that is where they understand that they belong), and that these need to be recognized as medically-necessary procedures.

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