Documents indicated with an asterisk(*) are available for community organizations to print, distribute and -- in the cases of trans-related and ally organizations outside Alberta -- adapt for their use (note: anything that will retain the name and logo, i.e. the PDF brochures, should not be altered, but the text can be copied and used in other documents). Publications linked to off-site and not indicated with an asterisk are subject to those organizations' or websites' reprint policies. does not pretend to speak for all trans identities, we simply do our best for those we understand, to the best of our knowledge and ability. We welcome other opinions and other voices, and would be happy to include any additional trans-pertinent writings here, provided they are not condemning of other transgender identities and advocate safe, responsible, consensual and respectful living.

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  • Trans Needs Assessment (revision & community input needed)

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Social Issues (Dating, Suicide, Violence, etc.):

Some international resources for publications:
EgaleCanada: NGLTF (US): Transgender Law and Policy Institute (US): (as the name implies, law-focused)
GIRES (UK): TGEU (Europe): TGEU's Trans Respect vs. Transphobia: (focused more on violence against trans people)
Human Rights Campaign: (note, the HRC has a bad reputation in trans circles, because it has at times actively advocated against trans issues, for fear that including us might hold back advances for lesbian and gay people)