Please note that for the time being, I'm not able to update the information that I have for trans-friendly doctors. It doesn't mean that they're not out there -- I've just not been able to dedicate the time to the list that it deserves.

If you're in or near Edmonton, my recommendation is that you check with the Pride Centre and the TTIQ support group that meets there for current info. If you're in or near Calgary, check in with the New Directions support group that meets at Calgary Outlink. There are often similar local groups or meet-ups in Lethbridge and Red Deer, but my information is out of date.

If you find a doctor who is willing to help but not sure how, some excellent information can be found, courtesy the Sherbourne Health Centre.

For information on vaginaplasty, phalloplasty or metoidioplasty, Dr. Brassard's clinic in Montreal is currently the only clinic performing GRS in Canada, although people sometimes travel out-of-country for the procedures. Alberta Health referrals for GRS are usually sent to Montreal: GRS Montreal.

I apologize for this.